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Prop. 3 FAQ


Why is this on the ballot this year?

Weber County Forward started the work on this when they started gathering signatures for a petition.  WCF later brokered a compromise with the County Commission that if they could not get enough signatures by August of 2018 then the Commission would put this question on the ballot.  On September 12, 2018 the Weber County Commission voted unanimously to put this question on the ballot.  

How much will the study cost the taxpayers?

 Any person selected to serve on the Study Committee is a volunteer position.  Utah law actually mandates that no person shall be paid for any work that is done on the Study Committee.  However, committee members may be compensated for necessary expenses such as gas for traveling, printing and copying, and any staff that is deemed "a necessity".    The nice thing is that many counties are going through this same process and are further in the process than Weber.  That will allow us to look at the work and data already collected and saving us time and money.  So in short the Study process will have very low cost and it is Weber County Forward's mission to keep an eye on the process and make sure money is being spent wisely.

Does the passage of Prop. 3 guarantee a new form of county government?

No!  This seems to be one of the most common misunderstandings about Prop. 3.  All this vote is about is a study.  The seven member study committee will spend up to a year studying different forms of government.  They have the ability to recommend a new form of government or they can recommend that the current form of government is the best form for Weber County.  It is also important to remember that if the study committee does come back with a recommendation of a new form, that form does not take place until it goes back to the voters for another vote on if they would like to go from the three member commission to the new recommended form.  

What are the other forms of county government?

There are four different forms of government that the study committee can look at.  

Three Member Commission: This is our current form of government where we have three commissioners who serve as both the Executive and Legislative branches in our county government.  All three positions are elected at-large.

Expanded Commission: This is the same form as the current commission system we have in place, but it would expand to either a 5 or 7 member commission.  Morgan County currently has this form of government.

Executive-Council: A county under this form is governed by an elected county council and an elected county executive.  The county council is the legislative body and the county executive has executive powers.  The county council can be elected by districts, at-large, or a mix of the two.  Salt Lake County and Cache County both currently have this form of government.

Council-Manager: A County under this form is governed by an elected county council and a county manager who is appointed by the council.  The County council is the legislative body and the county manager has executive powers, except that a county manager may not veto an ordinance enacted by the council.

Will I get a say on what form of government I want?

Yes!  Once the study committee comes back with a recommendation, and if that recommendation is to go to a new form of county government, the voters will get a final vote through a ballot initiative on whether or not they would like to change to that new form of government.  Weber County Forward supports Prop. 3 because this has been an issue start and end with the people of Weber County.

Why should I support Prop. 3?

Because all it is is a STUDY.  We should all want to be governed by the best form of government that will provide the highest quality.  Our county government has the ability to raise our taxes, controls a budget that is hundreds of millions of dollars, is the governing body for all areas in the county that is not a city or township.  Why shouldn't we expect the best from our government?  It all begins with a study.