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Prop. 3 "For" Argument

 Those who are encouraging the establishment of a study committee have concerns about the effectiveness and efficiency of a three-person body to govern administration and policy making within the county.

These concerns include feelings that many in the county are underrepresented, and that the three-member commission form is problematic because it combines both legislative and executive power in the same body. The American national government model separates the executive and legislative branches. The state government model does the same.

In terms of overall executive and policy structure, it simply makes sense to review how we’re doing as a county and ask ourselves if there is a better way to develop policy and administer county affairs. Thus, it makes sense to support a “Weber County Form of Government Study Committee.”
We won’t know if there’s a better way unless we formally, objectively and thoroughly ask ourselves these questions:
• What experiences have other counties had who’ve changed their form of government?
• Would another form be more cost effective?
• Could the citizens be better represented?
• Would county operations run more smoothly in another form?
• Which form, if any, would best suit our county’s needs and personality?
• Are we being transparent and communicative with our citizens as we move through the investigative process?
These questions, and perhaps others, can lead us to a good conclusion.
We need a study to answer these questions.

The study is done by citizens not government and at no cost to the citizens.
VOTE YES for Proposition 3!


There will be a question on every Weber County citizen's ballot this year that reads: "Shall a study committee be appointed to consider and possibly recommend a change in Weber County's form of government."  

It is important to be informed on this issue and ensuring your vote counts in this process.

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